How To Create A Whatsapp Community On Your Phone 

Learn how to create a WhatsApp community directly on your phone and manage an online group that accepts up to 500,000 users on your mobile device.

WhatsApp transforms communication through individual chats and group chats. While group chats make it easier for larger audiences to communicate, managing diverse interests can be difficult. This is where WhatsApp Communities help.

Think of them as an upgraded group chat. They help you interact with many people who share similar interests in a more organized way. With WhatsApp Communities, you can organize conversations and create a main group with others with subgroups and manage them all together on one account.

This article will cover WhatsApp Communities — how they differ from groups, what their main features are, and how businesses can benefit from them also how you can create a WhatsApp community directly on your phone.

Create A Whatsapp Community
How To Create A Whatsapp Community On Your Phone 

Why Whatsapp Communities

With WhatsApp Communities, you can combine several WhatsApp groups into one account. This helps you manage and access data from multiple groups in one place. For example, a school can have a main group for all students and another group for announcements.

There can be unique clubs or activities for each year. This way, you can join smaller, focused discussions in your year group or club chat, while the main announcement group gives you the latest school news. Nice, right? This is exactly how WhatsApp communities works and how it will help you.

How are WhatsApp Communities different from WhatsApp Groups?

WhatsApp Groups and Communities both facilitate communication, yet they meet different purposes. 

Consider it this way: 

  • In a WhatsApp group, members are invited to the same conversation, making it similar to a close-knit dinner party. While. 
  • A WhatsApp community is more akin to a multi-room community centre. There are smaller meeting rooms (specific groups) for targeted discussions and a large hall for announcements (admins only). 

Now that we know the basics, how about we talk about creating a WhatsApp community. 

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How To Create A WhatsApp Community On Your Phone

Let’s walk through the step-by-step process of creating your own WhatsApp community.

For Android and iOS users

  • Open WhatsApp : Open the WhatsApp application on your iOS or Android gadget. To use the Communities feature, make sure the most recent version of your program is installed. 
  • Access the community Tab: Click on the “Communities” tab. While it may be hidden at the top of your chat list on an iPhone, you can swipe right from the Chats page on an Android device. You’ll be able to manage and create WhatsApp Communities using this tab. 
  • Start creating your community: Tap on ‘Create Community’. If this is your first time using the function, you may see some brief instructions outlining the purpose of Communities. 
  • Name your community: Give your community a name that accurately describes its goals or the people it aims to unite. 
  • Add a description: Give a clear and simple explanation of your community’s purpose and what members may expect from joining. 
  • Include Groups: You can now add existing groups to your community and create new ones. If you’re creating new groups for this community, follow the instructions to add members and customize each group’s parameters. 
  • Launch your community: Tap the ‘Create’ button to confirm your configuration and officially launch your WhatsApp Community. 
  • Manage your community: After you’ve created the community, you can add and remove groups, change community settings, and perform administrative activities to keep it alive and relevant. 

Features And Functionality Of Whatsapp Communities

WhatsApp Communities adds new group communication features to help keep large groups connected and organized. Below are the main features:


Total individuals: Up to 5,000 individuals (across all subgroups within the community). 


  • Subgroups: Form and manage various focused groups within the same community to promote discussions about certain topics 
  • Audio calls: Connect with your community members via audio calls that can include up to 32 people at once. 
  • Sharing of files: If you need to offer a poster design for an upcoming apartment complex event? No problem; you can easily share files of up to 2GB within the subgroup. 
  • Polls:Create polls to get community feedback and make educated decisions. This is an effective tool for gathering feedback, making choices, or simply engaging members in a fun and dynamic manner.
 How To  Create A Whatsapp Community On Your Phone 
How To Create A Whatsapp Community On Your Phone 

Benefits Of Using Whatsapp Communities For Your Business 

  • Helps centralize communication: WhatsApp Communities allows you to streamline your communication routes. Manage several groups from one location, making it easy to distribute updates and information throughout your entire network. 
  • Enhances your Engagement: Communities create an environment for two-way communication. Increase interaction with your audience by incorporating features like as polls, huge file sharing, and message reactions. These technologies assist keep your audience interested and active, resulting in a thriving company community. 
  • Increased Outreach: Your WhatsApp Community can expand along with your business. It is meant to grow with you, allowing you to add more groups and individuals while maintaining the convenience of communication. 
  • Customer insights and reaction: Communities are the most effective approach to obtain customer insights. Polls and direct interactions let you reach your audience’s hearts and minds. This information goldmine will assist you in making more informed business decisions that will appeal to your clients. 
  • Promotion of Product and Services: Communities offer a direct connection to your target audience. Share interesting updates, news, and promotions to ensure that your message reaches the intended audience at the appropriate moment. It’s like having your own bullhorn, but much more focused and effective. 
  • Aids in customer service: Create specialized support and FAQ groups in your community to improve customer service. Imagine answering inquiries and resolving issues quickly and efficiently, all from the same familiar platform that your clients now use. That’s what we call a satisfied customer! 
  • Event organization: With your community, event planning and management become a piece of cake. Share event details and collect RSVPs in one handy spot, streamlining the event management process. 
  • Training and Growth: You can use your community to create training and development opportunities for your team. Group calls allow you to share instructional content and conduct interactive learning sessions. 

Best Strategies And Ways For Building Your Whatsapp Community 

  • Make it simple and easy to join: A click-to-chat link serves as a clear call to action. Add the link to your social media bios, website, and marketing materials. Easy access is essential! 
  • Focus on the purpose: Make sure that the content you publish is relevant to the aim of your community. Don’t go too far, as you risk confusing or losing your members’ attention. 
  • Offer reasonable contents: To encourage people to join the community, share exclusive information, industry insights, or special promotions. 
  • Support existing channels: 
  • Share your community on your other social media channels and email lists. 
  • Host competition and giveaways: Create excitement and attract new members by hosting exciting contests and giveaways within the community. It’s a win-win situation: people get a chance to win something wonderful, and you get to build a community. 
  • Monitor your community: Monitor your community’s growth and engagement analytics to see what connects with your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly. 
  • Set clear rules: Set clear standards for courteous behaviour and topical topics. This contributes to a positive and productive communal atmosphere. 


Following these guidelines will help you create and manage a WhatsApp Community that benefits your members and helps you achieve your business goals. It requires ongoing effort and adapting to your community’s needs.

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