Glo Data Plan Subscription Using The New USSD CODE (2024)

Staying connected in the internet-based world can be tough, but Glo’s New USSD Codes make managing your data easy. Whether you need data all the time or just enough for today, Glo has you covered. This article explains how to subscribe to different Glo data plan subscription using the new USSD code.

Why Use Glo Sim Data Plan?

Glo is one of the leading firms in Nigeria for telecommunications, offering affordable and flexible data plans for everyone. Their new USSD codes make it easier to subscribe to data plans and access the internet services easily and fast without delay anytime & anyday.

Glo offers alot of data benefits with little amount to it users which make it great and ideal to use as a major internet service provider to stay connected with your loved ones anywhere in the world.

How to Subscribe for glo data plan using the new USSD code

There is something that must be understood about the Glo data plan subscription using the new USSD code before going any further, like?

How does one apply those new USSD codes so you can use your phones to subscribe to any of Glo’s data packages?
It is an easy task that can be finished quickly even without being connected to the web and anywhere. Follow the steps below to get started.

Step by Step guide for Glo Data Plan subscription

1. Simply dial *312# from your Glo phone number

Glo Data Plan Subscription Using The New Ussd Code (2024)

2. Select the “Buy Data” to proceed with your subscription

Glo Data Plan Subscription Using The New Ussd Code (2024)

3. Select your preferred data plan using the ensuing prompts

Glo Data Plan Subscription Using The New Ussd Code(2024)

3. Once you have made the selection press the number 2 to activate this particular plan at once

Glo Data Plan Subscription Using The New Ussd Code (2024)

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to activate your data plan subscription.

Additionally, Using the Glo café app also helps you control your network subscription bundles by monitoring how much credit remains after browsing the internet and doing other activities.

Click Here to Download the Glo Café app

More Glo Data Plan Code Subscription (Using the New USSD Code)

As well as providing plans tailored to specific requirements daily, weekly, monthly, or special. Glo also supplies many other data types that are available for its users.

Below you can find the list that includes several favorites:

Daily data bundles for light users

  • To use 50MB for only ₦50, please dial *312# and pick “Daily data bundle”.
  • Dial *312# and select “Daily data bundle” to enable 150MB for as little as N100.

Perfect for light users who opt for basic browsing as well as social networking.

Monthly Data Plans

  • 3.9GB for ₦1000: Dial *312#.
  • 7.5GB for ₦1500: Dial *312#.
  • 9.2GB for ₦2000: Dial *312#.
  • 10.8GB for ₦2500: Dial *312#
  • 14GB for ₦3000: Dial *312#.
  • 18GB for ₦4000: Dial *312#.
  • 24GB for ₦5000: Dial *312#.
  • 29.5GB for ₦8000: Dial *312#.

Monthly plans are ideal for everyday internet users as they provide sufficient data bundles that can take you through an entire month period.

Night Bundles

If you like late-night browsing, the Glo data plan subscription has cheap night browsing plans. The current selection has 250MB @ ₦25; 500MB @ ₦50 or 1GB at ₦100. Just dial *777# and select the Night bundle to get one of them. This means you can download large files and stream videos online without worrying about exceeding your monthly data usage!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Does Glo Data plan subscription have special packages?

Glo has available special data plan Packages. They have customized packages for certain applications and use cases such as:

  • YouTube Plan: #50 for 100MB, #100 for 200MB, and #250 for 500 MB. Dial *777# then press.
  • Social Media Plans: WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, and Telegram packs begin at ₦25/20MB. Dial *777# and pick the “Social Bundle” option

These are excellent deals using the Glo data plan subscription for social media lovers looking to maintain connections on the cheap data plan offer by Glo.

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How Do I check my Glo Data balance with the New USSD Code?

You can find out through the Glo data plan subscription using the new USSD code by dialing *310# or you can also use the Glo Café app as well which makes it easier for you to know what you’ve consumed thus far and not get caught unaware when it gets depleted.


The new Glo’s USSD codes make it easy to subscribe to data bundles. The plans offer all-inclusive packages for everyone, with options for daily, weekend, weekly, or monthly plans. For an uninterrupted Internet connection, you just need to dial a specific USSD code to renew your plan at any time easily.


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